National Planning Meeting

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#National Planning Meeting

Coordinators: Paul Spencer and Anne Lewis

Program Description: National Planning Meeting will be held at Neill’s Coffee House in Pullman on Saturday, Jan 13, 2024, from 10 am to noon.

The purpose of this meeting is to give advice to the LWV national organization (LWVUS) about the education and advocacy platform that the League membership adopts at each biennial LWV National Convention. The goal of the LWVUS Program Planning process is to achieve collective agreement around how LWV will move our mission forward for the next two years.

As a Local League we are asked to let LWVUS know what we have worked on in the past year, and whether we agree with the Campaign for Making Democracy Work (Voting Rights, Improving Elections, Money in Politics, Redistricting) program. We are also asked whether we would recommend another program item–in addition to or instead—the Campaign for Making Democracy Work.

As an example, our Washington State League will recommend work on counteracting the alarming decline of Local News sources which has a number of negative effects on our society. The Washington State League hopes that our local league will recommend LWVUS adopt-by concurrence—the state positions on Local News. This is something we will discuss at the meeting.

In short, this process will help us to consider our own priorities, and how our own League and personal actions might contribute to the LWVUS program.


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