Observer Corps

The League of Women Voters of Pullman has an invaluable tool in its mission of working for good government when there is a vigorous and lively Observer Corps in place. This group forms the eyes and ears of the LWVP Board as members attend and observe the workings of governmental bodies. “The League’s reputation as a civic monitor has been earned by the Observer Corps of the local Leagues.”

What is the Observer Corps and what is its function within the League?

Observer Corps members attend council, board, commission, and advisory committees to listen, learn, observe, and report back to the League with factual information about the proceedings and any information about which the Board may be interested. In particular, the Observer calls the League Board’s attention to community and public policy issues that the League may wish to act/testify on based on League Position Statements. Observers also identify trends or problems for possible future study and action by the League.

The League is currently observing 7 City and 4 County entities with 13 observers!

Pullman Arts Commission – Uta Hutnak

Pullman City Council – Anne Lewis, Karyn Hardy (backup)

Pullman Neill Public Library Board – Francy Pavlas Bose, Anne Lewis (backup)

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport Board – Lennis Boyer Watts

Pullman Planning Commission – Jessica Cassleman

Pullman Regional Hospital Board of Commissioners – Judy Stone

Pullman School District Board of Directors – Carol Ndambuki

Whitman County Board of Commissioners – Mary Collins

Whitman County Planning Commission – Shelley Chambers Fox

Whitman County Solid Waste Advisory Committee – Deb Olson

Port of Whitman County Commissioners – Paul Spencer

Becoming an Observer

If you are looking for a way to become involved in your League by observing the business conducted by a local governmental entity, please check out the Observer Corp Guidelines and contact Judy Stone at

Observer Corps Calendar

Observer Report Form

This form is used for all reports made by observers.

Observer Report Form