About Us: Leadership


Chair of the Board: Bobbie Ryder

Vice President: Helen Catanese

Secretary: Alice Schroeder, Back-up: Libby Walker

Treasurer: Paul Spencer

Committee Leaders:

Civics Education Coordinator:

Community Outreach Coordinator: Libby Walker

Community Update Editor: Susan Daniels

Finance Drive Coordinator: Libby Walker

Legislative Coordinator: Karl Johanson

MELD Coordinator: Paul Spencer

Membership Chair: Judy Stone

Nominating Coordinator: Mary Collins

Observer Corps Chair: Judy Stone

Social Media: Carolyn Joswig-Jones

The Voter Publication: Anne Lewis


TRY Coordinator: Susan Daniels

Voter Services Coordinator: Deb Olson

Website: Leah Zulas, Helen Catanese, Paul Spencer

We wish to honor our past presidents who have served us so well…

years served - name