Elections Misinformation Project

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Speaker: Linnea Hirst

Coordinator: Deb Olson

In response to the cries of election fraud from the past year, particularly because of mail-in voting, the State League of Washington has started a project to review and report on this. The project on Election Credibility or Mis/Dis information in the state of Washington began this summer with interviews and discussions with the Secretary of State’s Office. Already we have some results. The League in conjunction with the Spokesman Review produced “Your Vote” tabloid (September 5th) which includes over 30 of the mis/dis information and related facts based on that discussion with the Secretary of State. The project is continuing.

On October19 from noon to 1 pm, the project chair, Linnea Hirst (Seattle-King County League) discussed the project (where we are and where we are going) over zoom for the Pullman League of Women Voter Brown Bag series.

image-center alt: “Screen shot of speaker Linnea Hirst and of her’s presentation with LWVwa.org website and the Your Vote Tabloid cover”

image-center alt: “Be a Voter logo, a quote saying we want people to be confident as they vote and a picture of the Spokesman Review insert called Your Vote and date and time of the upcoming elections misinformation brown bag lunch meeting”

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