2016-12-05_Cookie_Eschange.png - Advertisment for cookie exchange held in December of 2016

010920_National Planning _election_system.png


2019-01-21_Mindfullness.png - Lydia Gerber presenting Mindfulness at a Brown Bag Lunch meeting to a group of people sitting in a circle at the Neill Public Library

original_league.jpg - Photo of original league, 1954 left to right Mrs. Floyd Orton (president), Mrs. Karl Hobson (treasurer), Mrs. Robert Franco (state league), Mrs. Errol Horner (national league), Mrs. Bernard Fried and Mrs. William Firey (members)

original_league2.jpg - Edit to above photo to make it fit splash on main screen

we_luv.jpg - 2021-01 Photoshopped image of members on a Zoom meeting with hearts and a sticker that says We love LWV. Names of those pictured First row: Bobbie Ryder, Carolyn Joswig-Jones, Paul Spencer, Lennis Boyer Second row: Deborah Olsen, Libby Walker, Krista Gross, Sue Hinz Third row: Karyn Hardy, Alice Schoeder, Mary Collins, Leah Zulas Fourth row: Anne Lewis, Judy Stone, Kat Odell, Helen Catanese

group_photo - Photo from league event (unknown event), date taken and names of those pictured needed

2021-07-9-Annual_Planning_potluck_collage.jpeg - A collage of photos of League members at the 2021 Annual Planning Meeting Potluck, top row names: Mary Collins, Paul Spencer, Anne Lewis, Susan Daniels, Deb Olsen, Libby Walker, Kimberly Thompson, Bobbie Ryder, Lennis Boyer, Alice Schoeder, Judy Stone, Carolyn Joswig-Jones

2019 Candidate Forum .png - Deb Olsen moderating school board candidate forum with Beth Ficklin and Susan Weed

2019 Harvard case study scholarship recipients, Penwells .png - Collage of pictures with Andrew and Ronda Penwell presenting a Harvard case study to members with Lunell Haught.

2019-05-13 Annual Meeting 1.png - Judy Stone, Deb Olsen, ? and Mary Collins at meeting

2019-05-13 Annual Meeting 2.png - group of 12 LWV members sitting in the livingroom for meeting

2019-05-13 Annual Meeting.png - group of 13 LWV members sitting in the livingroom for meeting

2019-05-18 Art Walk Deb and Judy.png - Deb Olsen and Judy Stone at the LWV booth under a tent at the Art Walk

2019-05-18 Art Walk Helen.png - Helen Catanese standing at the LWV booth with large plate of cookies she baked for the Art Walk

2019-05-18_Art_Walk.png - posters, pictures and information of suffregagettes

2019-07-04 4th of July Johnson Parade.png - group of LVW people at parade, Anne Lewis and daughter, Mary Collins?, ?, ?, Alice Schroeder, Libby Walker, Paul SPencer, Bobbie Ryder, Karl Johanson

2019-07-04 4th of July.png - Paul Spencer, Libby Walker, Judy Stone and Anne Lewis assembling messages on flags

2019-08-16 Helen Lentil Fest booth.png - Helen Cantanese standing at LWV Booth at Lentil Festival

2019-08-16 National Lentil Festival.png - Cool People Always Vote LWV stickers

2019-09-05 Back to League Potluck.png - People at Potluck gathering food in kitchen, ?, Paul Spencer, ? Sue Hinz, Helen Cantanese

2019-10-15 poverty awarness study .png - Task Force panel with Jeff Guyette, Nathan Weller, and Judy Stone

2019-11-07_Rob_Curley.png - Rob Curley evening event collage with Bobby Ryder, Rob Curley and ?

2019_2020_Year_Review.png - Title page

2019_LWV_files_notebooks_2.png - Judy Stone sorting through files

2019_WSDOT .png - Shaun Darveshi (RTPO) and Jerry Webber (WSDOT) presenting to group of LWV members

2020-01-09_National Planning _election_system.png - Paul Spencer, Helen Cantanese, Judy Stone, Anne Lewis, Susan , Libby Walker, Lennis Boyer, Mary Collins, Karyn Hardy, Carolyn Joswig-Jones

2020-02-14_70thBday_PullmanLWV.png - League birthday cake

2020-02-14_70thBday_PullmanLWV_2.png - Libby Walker and Counsilmember Chapman and Helen Cantanese presenting cake

2020-02-18_Whitman_County_auditor.png - Sandy Jamison, Whitman County Auditor presentation

2020-02-20_Eva_Abram.png - Eva Abram’s performance of suffragette, Nettie Craig Asberry

2020-02-20_Neill_Library_display.png - Judy Stone putting together the library display

2020-02-20_Neill_Library_display_2.png - the complete library display for the LWV

2021-09-28-WSU_Voter_Registration.jpeg - League of Women Voters table in the WSU CUB with Carol Ndambuki, Paul Spencer and Amy Honeywel

2021-09-WSU_Voter_Registration.jpg - Collage of Cougs Vote registration table with Carol Ndambuki, Paul Spencer and Amy Honeywel

2022-05-Artist_12x12_sm.jpg - collage of artist with artwork at Library

2022-09-07-WSU_Voters_signup.jpg - Deb Olsen, Brandon Chapman and Sue Hinz at voter registration signup table on WSU campus.

2022-09-08-Back_To_League_Picnic.jpg - Back to Leauge Picnic collage of participants.

2022-09-08-Back_to_League_Tricia_Anne.jpeg - Tricia Grantham and Anne Lewis in Selfie frame with art contest artwork.

2022-09-08-Back_to_League_Judy_Karen_Deb_Sue_Mary_Paul.jpeg - Judy Stone, Karen Kisling, Deb Olsen, Sue Hinz, Mary COllins, Paul Spenser

2023-04-10-Judging_collage.jpg - judges for 2023 VIsual Arts Comp, Francis Benjamin,Megan Guido, Nathan Weller, Holly Ashkannejhad, Rob McPherson, Mason Hines Burns, Allison Munch-Rotolo, Annette Bridges