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All of the League's advocacy efforts are based on Positions. A Position is a statement of the League's point of view on a particular issue. It is developed after careful and thorough studies by members who try to examine the issue from all sides. The final Position statement captures general agreement among members, arrived at through discussion and consensus, on the issue.

Our Impact on Issues PDF file offers more insight on a natioal level of whats going on and the Program in Action PDF is designed to help League Leaders make effective use of state program. It is a brief summary of studies, consensus and action taken by the League of Women Voters of Washington since the 1920s. League positions are included in their entirety.

All levels of the League (local, state, national) have developed Positions that may be used for League advocacy. They cover a wide range of public policy issues.

State/National Positions:

LWVWA Positions

Topics Include:

Education, Port Districts, Representative Government, State Tax Policy, Washington State and Indian Treaty Rights, Transportations, Energy, Global Climate Change, Resource Management, Waste Management, Administration of Justice, Children's Programs, Economic Diversification, Gun Control, Health Care, and Human Resources.

LWVUS Positions

Topics Include:

Citizen's Right to Vote, DC Self-Government and Full Voting Representation, Apportionment, Campaign Finance, Selection of the President, Citizen's Right to Know/Citizen Participation, Individual Liberties, Public Policy on Reproductive Choices, Congress, Presidency, United Nations, Liberal Trade Policies, US Relations with Developing Countries, International Development Assistance, Private Investment and Commodity Arrangements, Arms Control, Military Policy and Defense Spending, Natural Resources, Federal Agriculture Policy, Equality of Opportunity, Fiscal Policy, Health Care, Meeting Basic Human Needs, Child Care, Early Intervention for Children at Risk, Violence Prevention, Gun Control, Urban Policy, and Death Penalty.

Local Positions: League of Women Voters of Pullman - Positions For 2009-2011 Bienniun
1. Whitman County Health Services:

Support for a public health program for Whitman County which promotes the physical and mental health of all residents of the county. Action: Unit or public meetings on the problem of recruiting doctors (Resource, Dr. Duffy) and establishing a strong rehabilitation center in Pullman (Resource, Scott Adams).

2. Environmental Quality:

Support of policies and procedures which promote coordinated planning and method of enforcement for the conservation and development of land. Support of policies to promote coordinated planning and implementation of solid waste management procedures which conserve natural resources, are ecologically sound, and aesthetically pleasing. Support of policies to establish city-wide curbside recycling and composting, to maintain a Recycling Center, to hire a recycling coordinator, to encourage procurement of recyclable materials, and development of markets for recyclable materials. Action to keep recycling going by establishing a committee to examine the current problem and possible solutions.

3. Whitman County Transportation:

Support of a system of transportation for the Pullman area which will adequately serve all segments of the population. Action to support our bus and dial-a-ride system in the face of budget cuts.

4. City and Regional Planning:

Support of principles of planning, subdivisions and zoning. Support of more restrictions on developments for both contractors and private land owners. Support the principle of making land use decisions through a process that requires both a Planning Commission and City Council or County Commissioners. Support of growth within carefully defined areas for commerce and light industry. Support of annual review by the City Council of a Capital Improvement Program for the City. Additional consensus on development in 2002-2003 study. Action: Continue to work for the adoption of the pre-development community meeting ordinance.

5. Local Government Budget and Finance:

Support (1) tax measures necessary to maintain an adequate level of financial support for Pullman City Government, (2) long-range Capital Improvement Plan for the City of Pullman, (3) finance implementation of long-range capital improvement.

6. Schools:

Monitor support of measures for a school program adequately financed by the State Basic Education Act. Support of special levies for specific purposes unhampered by a levy lid. Support of the following criteria for schools: (1) Given the present economic constraints of the levy lid law, basic education funding and fluctuating enrollment, it is important to have quality instructional programming and low student teacher ratio. (2) Energy efficiency (fuel & transportation) is an important criteria in considering use or lack of use of a building. (3) In any major redistribution of students, the maintaining of small neighborhood clusters of children should be considered. (4) Complete financial estimates of each option should be made available when considering changes in the use of facilities. Action: Unit or public meeting on the WASL replacement test(s). Invite the new superintendent of Public Education, possibly working through the Pullman Superintendent's office.

7. City Government:

Support of the principle of separation of administrative and policy-making functions.

8. Library Services:

Monitor support of (1) a more equitable relationship of library employees compared to other city employees. (2) Additional sources of funding and any expansion to maintain at least the present level of services, (3) cooperative relationships with other area libraries while maintaining local autonomy.

9. Action:

Invite the new director to speak at a unit meeting; then review our positions.